Dog Gone Walking & Pet Care

Beth Anne

An animal lover and owner her whole life, Beth knew working with animals was something she would excel at and take pride in if given the opportunity.  It wasn't until one day in 2010 that one of the doctors she worked for mentioned he could see her running her own pet care business.  Thinking the idea was ludicrous, Beth soon realized he was right and knew she would rather be outdoors caring for animals than stuck behind a desk all day.  As everything was falling into place, a patient at the office soon asked Beth to walk her dogs.  At that moment, Beth's desire to work with animals and keen sense of business kicked in and she decided the time was right to officially start working for herself as a pet care provider.  From those initial moments of revelation, Beth has grown her pet care business to include many more wonderful pets.   


Beth continues to commit herself to ensure her clients receive the personalized pet care that separates her business from the rest.  In doing so, she acts as one of the primary overnight sitters, handles all scheduling, is the direct contact for all clients, and lends her support to her team in the field on a daily basis.  She continues to strive to make her Paw-fessionals and her clients more knowledgeable in the well being of the animals we have come to adore, so our loving relationships with them can last even longer.


With Beth's commitment in providing the best pet care possible, one may wonder if Beth has time for anything else – but she does.  Growing up in Vero Beach, FL and graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in Psychology, she enjoys time spent under some sunshine on a sandy beach, or anywhere near a body of water.  Though, she is just as happy to spend quality time with the true sunshines of her life, her 9 year old Shih-tzu Tave and 11 year old Chow-Golden mix Zeke, who brighten up each and every day for her!


Born and raised in New Jersey, Chris began to appreciate his love towards animals when he discovered his first pet, a turtle, in a creek near his home at a young age.  With the help of his parents, he learned that all animals deserve love, care, and respect.  Since then, Chris has taken joy in providing the best possible care for any and all pets, whether his or not.  With this mindset of his and knowing the attention, effort, and pride Beth puts into her pet care business, Chris did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to become part of Dog Gone Walking's team.


Today, Chris serves as a managing partner of Dog Gone Walking, but is more than happy to help out with any pet care duties that may come up.  A Virginia Tech graduate and a Northern Virginia resident since 2008, Chris has slowly become accustomed to life in Virginia after years spent in his home state of New Jersey.  Currently, Chris works for the U.S. Census Bureau as a survey statistician for housing data.  Though he thoroughly enjoys his work as a statistician, the opportunity to build Dog Gone Walking into the utmost pet care business that provides the personal care all pets deserve is more than enough to motivate Chris on a daily basis to ensure that happens.

Certified Dog Trainer

A certified dog trainer, Colleen was drawn to animals at an early age and quickly became the neighborhood pet sitter which she excelled at.  In addition to the pets she frequently took care of in the neighborhood, Colleen had her very own pack that consisted of two dogs, a Boston Bull and a German Shepherd.  When the time came for Colleen to adopt a third dog she enlisted the help of a professional dog trainer to properly integrate the dog into her existing pack.  The experience made Colleen realize that her true passion in life was to work with dogs in a way that would benefit both the dogs and their owners.


With her passion to make a difference in this field, Colleen enrolled and received her certification from the Animal Behavior College.  Since then, Colleen has used POSITIVE ONLY training to work with countless number of people to ensure that these families and their dogs can live harmoniously together in a peaceful, positive, and fulfilled environment.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, Colleen has also helped many rescue dogs achieve happiness in their forever homes.  Today, Colleen's pack includes her four dogs, a cat, a bird, two young children, and her loving husband.

Pet Care Professional

Growing up in Clearwater, FL, Tiffany was immersed in a diverse animal environment that allowed this nature and wildlife loving girl to be on the lookout for her furry, scaled, and feathered friends.  Whether sending sting rays or horseshoe crabs back into the surf while at the beach or stopping traffic to make sure turtles received the proper crosswalk they deserved, Tiffany has always made animal safety and care a priority in her life.  Romeo, a two day old squirrel that was brought home by her own cat and in need of urgent care, was lucky enough get a second chance at life thanks to Tiffany's constant attention to nursing him back to health within the following months.


After years of having hamsters, mice, flying squirrels, ferrets, fish, a fire-bellied newt, rabbits, cats, and dogs, Tiffany met her current dog Jameson while living in NYC and he continues to add joy to her home to this day.  After years of apartment living for her and Jameson, Tiffany has recently become a proud homeowner in Alexandria and is now able to give Jameson his very own yard that he deserves, as well as allow a couple turtles she rescued to enjoy the pond in her front yard. Tiffany is a proud mom to her son, but continues to find time for her animal friends and cannot imagine life without them.

General Manager

Stacy has lived in Northern Virginia all her life and has had many pets through out the years. Including cats, dogs, a guinea pig, fish and even an anole. She attended school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Anthropology. Her love for studying people has carried over into her love of animals, where she strives to learn all she can about animal behaviors. Stacy currently lives in Springfield with her two dogs, a Black Lab named Madison, and a Stafford-shire Terrier named Mason.


Pet Care Professional

Nick is from rural Pennsylvania and grew up with many pets over the years, including several beagles. He moved to Virginia and worked for the Department of Agriculture creating school lunch budgets. He has since retired, but remains active in The Knights Of Columbus where he helps with church services, community yard sales and handing out canned goods. His daughter is our General Manager and he helps out almost daily with her two pups!

Tiffany W
Pet Care Professional

Jenna Gun
Pet Care Professional

Jenna was born and raised as an Army brat and grew up around the world. She is an animal lover to the core and over the years brought home many different animals. She and her husband (who is also in the Army) live with their 3 furbabies, 2 dogs and a cat. Her Akita, Marlei, is a certified pet therapy dog and they enjoy spending free time visiting nursing homes, soldiers homecomings, and letting kids read to her at libraries.

Jenna is a certified vet assistant and plans to return back to school in the fall to finish a vet tech degree. Her previous employment includes; 2 different dog walking companies, vet receptionist/assistant and an assistant manager at an animal shelter. Working with shelter animals is her true passion, and would like to eventually work on an animal rescue team.

She currently lives in Alexandria and enjoys spending time with every animal she walks and cares for.

Pet Care Professional

Cathy's animal experience began with a little guy named Hammy. She was six--since then, her family has adopted another hamster, fish, and three dogs total, over the years. While most of them have come to pass, she currently enjoys weekend visits to her mom's house to take care of her two pooches, Cupcake and Puppy (or Cups and Pups, as she likes to call them). Aside from caring for animals, Cathy enjoys drawing and gaming. She graduated from UVA with a bachelors in Japanese Language and Literature and has spent several years abroad in Japan. She hopes to one day travel the world, but for now she's having a blast with her adorable animal friends!

Pet Care Professional

Deb is a native of Northern Virginia and considers herself a proper political junkie.  She has grown up with many different animals, and is currently the proud owner of two Manikin Finches, Billy and Bob.  In her free time, she likes to explore new and different cuisines, travel the world, and read.  She also expresses herself artistically by creating personalized stained glass windows.

When she is not walking pups or making beautiful glass pieces, Deb works in computer network administration, with a degree from George Mason University  

Pet Care Professional

Bryan has had a love and passion for animals after bringing a stray pup home at 5 years old. Growing up on a farm in a small town in Ohio, Bryan was surrounded with all types of animals, and loved every minute of it. Now, 20 years later, he's still fulfilling his love of dogs and cats by working for Dog Gone Walking.

He has lived in the Alexandria area for just over 4 years and loves the vibe of the city, and its love and acceptance of all cats and dogs. Bryan's interests outside of dog walking include hiking, biking, golfing and exercising.

Pet Care Professional

Born in Michigan, Kurt first fell in love with animals when he was two years old and met his first dog, a wirehaired German pointer named Nina.  He spent his childhood growing up with her and a Cocker Spaniel named Holly Noel (named so because she was a Christmas gift).  With an extended family owning a variety of other mammals, Kurt’s happiness and sheer delight spending time with animals extended beyond his two dogs but also to cats, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils. 


Kurt graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2008 and decided to move to the Washington, DC area in 2009 to pursue several internship opportunities with members of Congress, a Congressional Committee, and a think tank.  From 2011 to 2012, he worked on various political campaigns for Virginia officials and candidates, environmental and civil rights groups, and helped increase minority voter turnout in the 2012 Presidential election.  Passionate about politics and civil service, Kurt also displays a comparable passion for the pets he cares for.  Since joining Dog Gone Walking’s Paw-fessional team, he is never one to shy away from ensuring all pets get the back scratches, pets, hugs, kisses, and most importantly tummy rubs they all deserve!

Pet Care Professional

Even though Evan is new to Dog Gone Walking and Pet Care, he comes with many years of experience with dogs and animals.  His first dog was a Great Pyrenees named Kara whom he raised with his family from a young age.  He haa been an animal lover ever since, and have owned and cared for many different breeds and ages. 

Evan was born and raised in Massachusetts and later moved to Michigan and attended Michigan State University where he graduated in 2012.  He has worked for various community and neighborhood groups in Michigan as well as the American Red Cross in disaster relief and emergency sheltering.  Evan has also volunteered many hours at the animal shelter, walking and caring for rescue dogs.    Earlier this year he moved here to Arlington to pursue a Master’s Degree in public policy at George Mason University.  


Pet Care Professional

Growing up in Massachusetts within a house with four dogs, three cats, a couple of bunnies, and fish, Andrea is a natural animal lover with first hand experience in providing great care for our beloved pets.  For the past eight years Andrea has resided in Northern Virginia, and since 2011 she has demonstrated her care and love towards animals as a pet care provider for Dog Gone Walking. 


Though without any pets of her own at the moment, Andrea takes great pleasure whenever she has the opportunity to care for our wonderful pet clients, or as she likes to call them, her "step-pets!"  As a dedicated and committed pet care provider, Andrea loves all types of animals.  Andrea will admit however, that she has always had a soft spot for Golden Retrievers.

Manager/Pet Care Professional

Bridget grew up in a very small town in northern New York, then moved to the area when she was 16. She has spent the last few years as a professional dog walker and in-house pet sitter. Before that, she spent 3 years as a manager in the pet store industry. At home, she currently has 2 dachshunds (Max & Doc), 2 guinea pigs (Lenny & Maggie), 2 hamsters (Bandit & Misty), 2 conures (Shiloh & Honey), and a cockatoo (Bart). In her down time she enjoys crafting, baking, and occasionally playing Xbox. She’s a big fan of the outdoors and couldn’t imagine a life where she doesn’t walk dogs and spend her days with various animals.

Pet Care Professional

Aurora has been an animal lover her whole life, but unfortunately due to
her mother's allergies was not able to grow up with a dog in her home.
Luckily, her next door neighbor had a dog that she considered her own and
her first job ever was actually dog sitting her. After many years of
nagging, research on hypoallergenic dogs and a persuasive essay, her
parents finally gave in and are now the proud owners of a Goldendoodle
named Penny.

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Pet Care Professional

Ashley grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota where she cared for many dogs and cats. She now lives in Alexandria, attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior in an online program, pursuing a degree in Health and Wellness Management.  She has always had a special love for cats and dogs; they can really make any bad day a good one. Her mom thought she was crazy for the amount of time she spent outside with all the animals. Growing up my pride and joys consisted of her Black Lab, Maggie, and my Gray Calico cat Adventurous, or Ven, for short.

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Pet Care Professional

Pet Care Professional

Pet Care Professional